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Inside Our Early Childhood Education Classrooms

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Campbell Christian Schools is pleased to provide Christian education for children of varied ages. Our private early childhood education program welcomes children from four weeks to two years of age. Within our private early childhood education classrooms, you’ll find soothing décor and appropriately sized furniture. For the safety of our young students, our rooms are equipped with locked storage facilities, and microwaves and sinks that are out of reach of children. Our rooms feature heavy duty cribs that have extra safety features in the event of earthquakes or fires. Even while sleeping, all children remain within sight of the teachers.

Our Christian early childhood school offers a wealth of stimulating play activities for infants and toddlers. Children have the freedom to choose between quiet and active play, and they may go between the various play stations. We also offer an enclosed outdoor play area that features a cushioned surface and appropriate play equipment.

If you would like to tour our Christian early childhood school in Campbell, you can call (408) 370-4900. Campbell Christian Schools welcomes new families into our faith-based learning community.

What Are the Benefits of Christian Education for Kindergartners?

Christian Education Campbell Kindergarten is a pivotal year for children. They are transitioning from the somewhat informal structure of preschool and pre-kindergarten into a more formal classroom setting. At a private elementary school, children are also becoming increasingly aware of their peers and their own place within the classroom society. In many ways, success in kindergarten sets the stage for lifetime accomplishments, which is why so many Christian families have chosen to enroll their kindergartners in a Christian school.

Christian schools provide a safe, supportive environment.
One of the main benefits of enrolling your child in a school where he or she can receive a Christian education is that your child will be within a faith-based environment. Kindergarteners need strong role models to look up to. In a Christian school, parents can rest assured that the teachers are dedicated professionals who know and love Christ.

Christian schools embrace your family’s values.
Parents who follow the teachings of Christ often have concerns about the curriculum that is taught in public schools. These curricula are typically devoid of Christian values and may even counteract what children learn in church. By enrolling your kindergartener in a Christian school, you’ll know that the teachers are reinforcing what your child learns at home.

Christian schools connect your child to other Christian children.
As your child progresses through the lower grades, he or she will grow close to a few good friends. Unfortunately, children in public school are often introduced to children from families who do not live in the light of Christ. Another reason to consider enrolling your child in a private elementary school is to nurture connections with suitable playmates who are also being raised to know and love Christ.

When your child is ready to enroll in kindergarten, choose Campbell Christian Schools. Our Christian elementary school in Campbell provides a safe, values-based learning environment for the next generation of leaders. Visit us online to explore the curriculum at our Christian elementary school or call (408) 370-4900 to inquire about enrollment.

7 Ways to Help Your Child Transition to Kindergarten [INFOGRAPHIC]

When your child is getting ready to start kindergarten, it can be a time full of excitement and nervousness—for both you and your young student. To help your child make the transition into a private elementary school in Campbell, it is essential that you remain patient and listen to his or her fears. The beginning of school is full of unknowns, so pay a visit to the classroom before the school year starts so your child can see what to expect. You can meet the early childhood teacher, and possibly even set up playdates with fellow kindergarten classmates. Older siblings can talk to your youngster about kindergarten, and help set him or her at ease. Check out this infographic to learn more helpful tips for transitioning your child into kindergarten as smoothly as possible. Please share with your friends and fellow parents.

Private School Campbell

How Rising Sixth Graders Can Get Ready for Middle School

Private Christian School

After parents have shed a few tears at their children’s moving up ceremony from fifth grade, it’s time to focus on succeeding in a private junior high school. Middle school is a time of considerable transition for students. In most schools, this is where students will first learn to follow a class schedule, use a locker, and work on long-term academic projects. Parents can help their rising sixth graders get ready for success.

Time Management
When your child enters into a Christian junior high school, time management skills become increasingly important. Provide your child with the necessary tools to manage his or her time properly. Each student should have a day planner that is small enough to be carried easily from class to class. Teach your child to write down the subject, assignment, and due date, and to use abbreviations if space is limited. Ideally, your child will also have a large wall calendar at home. Transferring assignments to this calendar will help your child keep track of due dates. Before school starts, sit down with your student and discuss your expectations for his or her after school time. For example, you might require that all homework assignments and studying be completed before leisure activities are allowed.

Organization is an essential skill for middle school students. Help your child develop an effective system for his or her work. Your child might prefer to have separate one-subject notebooks and folders for each class, but it might be a good idea to have a separate homework folder to take home each night. Make sure your child has a designated space at home for completing assignments and studying.

Study Skills
When students go on to high school, they are expected to already have strong study skills. Spend some time with your middle school student to help him or her learn effective ways of studying that suit his or her learning style. Some students might do best reading material out loud to themselves, while others prefer the flash card method of studying.

The private junior high school of Campbell Christian Schools fosters a supportive and inclusive learning community. At our private school in Campbell, your middle school student will work toward becoming a skilled communicator and critical thinker who embraces Christ-centered spirituality. To learn more about our approach to private education, call (408) 370-4900 or visit us online.

Tips for Coping with a Picky Eater

At about the age that your child enters into private early childhood education, he or she might display strong food preferences and food aversions. However, since good nutrition is essential for success in private education endeavors, it’s important that your child eats a wide variety of healthy foods. It may take a great deal of patience to convince your child to eat foods like vegetables. Research suggests that children typically need to try a new food about 10 times before acquiring a taste for it.

Watch this video for some helpful tips on addressing selective eating patterns. It suggests preparing a food in different ways. For instance, if your child doesn’t like cooked carrots, he or she may prefer raw carrots. Kids generally prefer foods that they can dip and they enjoy meals with creative presentations.

Campbell Christian Schools, a private school serving the Campbell community, features our own on-site, full-service kitchen that provides freshly prepared, nutritious meals for our Christian school students. Parents who are interested in learning more about our Christian early childhood school can call (408) 370-4900.

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