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Homework Routines for Junior High Students

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After they finish elementary school and have to adjust to a different education level, some children struggle with prioritizing their schoolwork. If your child is getting ready to start at a private junior high school this fall, then use these tips to help him establish homework routines:

Decide on a study space.
Each child has a preferred way to study. To help encourage a homework routine that fits your child’s personality, habits, and learning style, talk with him and decide on a particular location that he can think of as his studying and school work spot. This might be at a desk in his room, on top of his bed, at the dining room table, or at the kitchen counter. Letting him set some of the terms when it comes to schoolwork can make him more eager to develop a routine.

Create a daily schedule.
Developing a schedule is one of the best ways to establish a routine. Draw up a weekly calendar that includes his school hours, study time, chores, after school activities, and free time. Then, post the schedule in a visible place, such as on your refrigerator door. By putting the schedule into writing and hanging it in a place that he sees every day, he may find it easier to develop a regular homework routine.

Make yourself available.
To help your child grasp the new concepts that he’ll be learning at school, make yourself available to answer any questions that he may have about his homework. Doing this will allow you to remain more connected with what topics he is learning in school and what, if anything, he may be struggling with academically. Bringing up his classes at the dinner table or joining him while he works on his assignments are both great ways to accomplish this and help him develop a homework routine.

Are you looking for the right private school for your child? If so, then consider Campbell Christian Schools. We provide Christian education at our private junior high school near Campbell. To learn more about our Christian junior high school, please contact us today at (408) 370-4900.

Three Ways to Prepare Your Child for Pre-Kindergarten

Is your child beginning her private early childhood education by attending pre-kindergarten this year? If so, then you may have questions about how to prepare her for this big change. Watch this video to learn a few ways that you can get your child ready for pre-kindergarten.

First, start by talking to your child and giving her time to tell you what she’s feeling and what her reaction is to things that come up in your daily life. Doing this will teach her how to hold a conversation and can help expand her vocabulary. Also, read to your child, and ask her to help you read, as well.

Campbell Christian Schools offer private early childhood education near Campbell. If you would like information about our Christian education or if you would like to schedule a tour of our private school, please give us a call at (408) 370-4900.

Spotlight on Our Library Education

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At Campbell Christian Schools, we use our library to encourage a love of reading in our students and to support our academic programs. We fill our school library shelves with books and materials that are educational and fun. There are over 5,000 books in our library, and our librarian continually updates what’s available with new items.

The Campbell Christian Schools library also offers many programs to help promote a love of learning. A few examples include the Accelerated Reading Program, our November Book Fair, and the World Book Online encyclopedia. Also, the library is attached to our computer lab, where students can take Accelerated Reader quizzes and access the internet for school research.

At Campbell Christian Schools in Campbell, our goal is to help children develop intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Does it sound like a private education at our Christian school could be a good fit for your child? If so, then please contact us today at (408) 370-4900.

Helping Kids Overcome Anxieties about Middle School

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School stress is not an uncommon phenomenon and it is particularly prevalent among students who are transitioning from one school to the next. As your child prepares to enter into a private junior high school, you can watch out for possible signs of school anxiety. School anxiety may take the form of nonspecific physical complaints like aches and pains, irritability, and mood swings. By giving your child the support he or she needs, you can help him or her enjoy the middle school experience.

Understand Your Child’s Concerns
Your child may express general concerns about making the move to sixth grade, but there are almost certainly very specific issues that he or she is struggling with. Encourage your child to discuss these issues freely with you and listen while reserving judgment. The transition to middle school often inspires anxieties about the increasing workload, difficulty of assignments, and trouble making and keeping friends. For most kids, middle school is the first time they are responsible for switching classes. Your child might be worried about getting to class on time, remembering his or her locker combination, or getting lost in the hallways.

Boost Your Child’s Confidence
Relieve some of your child’s anxieties before getting down to the business of addressing his or her concerns. Remind your child of his or her past successes to boost self-confidence. For example, you might tell your child that he or she was worried about getting lost at summer camp, but that everything worked out just fine then.

Address Logistical Issues
Next, brainstorm with your child to develop ways of addressing his or her concerns. If your child is worried about remembering a locker combination, he or she could write down the combination on his or her planner. If your child’s worried about remembering the schedule of classes, you could offer to photocopy the schedule. Your child can keep one copy in a pocket and the other in his or her locker to serve as a backup. For each concern that your child has, you should try to think of one or two ways to help your child address these issues.

If you’re looking for a values-driven Christian junior high school for your student, come explore the possibilities at Campbell Christian Schools. We are a private school serving the Campbell community and offering Christian education that seeks to foster resiliency and adaptability in our students. To discuss enrollment in our private junior high school, call (408) 370-4900.

Recognizing the Importance of Playtime for Preschoolers

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If you visit a Christian early childhood school and peek in the classrooms, you’ll see busy children hard at work under the watchful eyes of their teachers. The games that look like simple play to adults are really educational, hands-on activities that teach children invaluable concepts and skills. At this age, unstructured free play is essential for healthy child development.

Physical Development
Tying one’s shoes, clipping coupons, and buttoning a shirt are all skills that most able-bodied adults take for granted, but preschoolers are still working to acquire the dexterity necessary to complete these tasks. Playtime at a private early childhood education center gives kids the freedom to work on their fine motor skills by manipulating child-safe scissors, stacking blocks, coloring pictures, and enjoying similar activities. Preschoolers can also work on their gross motor skills during outdoor free play. Running, jumping, and using playground equipment are all excellent ways to build strong bodies.

Social Skills
Another major benefit of giving preschoolers plenty of time to play is that they use this time to develop key social skills. As a child progresses through the early learning years, he or she will gradually focus more on playing with other children, rather than just alongside them. During playtime, kids learn about sharing and taking turns. They develop empathy for their peers and learn to interact appropriately with others.

Language Acquisition
Cooperative play is essential for a preschooler’s language development. Through play activities, children acquire new words and descriptive phrases for the objects they handle. They learn to express their preferences and dislikes, and they engage in back-and-forth communication with other students about the play activities.

From two to five years of age, your child will receive an exceptional private early childhood education at Campbell Christian Schools. The caring teachers at our private school in Campbell nurture a Christian worldview in every child while encouraging healthy child development and instilling a solid academic foundation. If you would like to give your child the gift of a Christian education, call (408) 370-4900.

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