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Understanding the Developmental Milestones of Junior High Students

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During the years when your child is in junior high, he will be going through several different changes. If your child is currently enrolled in private junior high school, then continue reading to learn about the developmental milestones he is likely to encounter during this stage of life.

Once puberty begins, you can expect to see some significant changes in your child. Periods of rapid growth are common, and girls usually develop in this way before boys. Other changes that you are likely to see include clumsiness due to rapid height and weight gain, a need for more sleep, differences between physical and emotional maturity levels, and unbalanced development of physical skills.

During this stage of his life, you are likely to see significant developments in the thinking and problem-solving abilities of your child. During junior high school, children often begin to question the nature of things instead of accepting them as they seem, understand concepts like influence and power, and show a desire to make money.

Through these years, many children begin to develop greater capabilities for understanding language, both verbal and non-verbal. You may notice that your child starts to use slang and metaphors, shows interest debating during discussions, catches on to more body language and nonverbal cues, and talks his way through problem-solving scenarios.

While in junior high, your child will be going through several types of development, and this may make it challenging for him to fit in with other students. Also, you are likely to notice that your child gives less weight to your views or listens to your advice less frequently. These behaviors are normal, as are keeping secrets, bowing to peer pressure, and being sensitive to the opinions of others.

At Campbell Christian Schools, our private junior high school provides a well-rounded approach to development that includes emotional support, social guidance, and a strong spiritual foundation. To find out more about the Christian education provided by our private school serving Campbell, please give us a call at (408) 370-4900.

Thoughts on School Readiness

Has your child recently started private early childhood education? If so, then you may have questions about preparing him for this stage of life. Watch this video for tips on readying your child for school.

Provide your child with positive attention by letting him know and praising him when he does something that is kind to a friend or sibling or helpful for the family. In these moments, explain why his behavior benefits someone else, and then ask him how that makes him feel. These steps will help develop your child’s emotional vocabulary, which can promote better interactions while he is at school.

Campbell Christian Schools offers private school Christian education with several preschool programs to provide your child with an educational environment that is suited to his developmental stage. Call us today at (408) 370-4900 to learn more about our private early childhood education near Campbell.

A Closer Look at Our P.E. Events

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At Campbell Christian Schools, we know that staying active can play an important role in your child’s wellness while she is in school and beyond. For this reason, we offer a physical education program that is geared toward providing students with the habits, attitudes, and knowledge needed for living a fit and healthy life.

In addition to offering a Christian education for students, we provide weekly P.E. classes and conduct physical education testing at the beginning of the school year to provide parents with markers for gauging their child’s physical development. Also, Christian Campbell Schools holds yearly sports events that are designed to promote sportsmanship, team building skills, and fellowship. Lastly, CCS hosts a Field Day once per year in May that involves several physical activities and events.

Are you looking for a Christian school that provides a comprehensive education and spiritual foundation for students? If so, then look no further than Campbell Christian Schools. For information about our academics or P.E. programs, please contact our private school serving Campbell by calling (408) 370-4900.

Thanksgiving Craft Activities for Your Preschooler

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Arts and crafts are an important part of private early childhood education, because they let kids explore their creativity while practicing fine motor skills. You can further these benefits by making crafts part of your routine at home as well. Seasonal crafts are always fun for preschoolers and a good way for families to spend time together. Try these Thanksgiving activities with your preschooler this holiday season.

Coffee Cup Mayflower
Turn those to-go coffee cups into a fun Thanksgiving craft. Take a cleaned coffee cup, and cut the bottom off. Next, cut two slits into the bottom, and put that piece of the cup side one of the paper cup holders from a coffee shop. Take construction paper and cut two rectangles to be the sails of the Mayflower. Make two slits in each rectangle—one at the top and one at the bottom. Put coffee stirrers through the slits, and place the stirrers into the slits in the cup bottom, so that they look like sails on a ship. Add the finishing touch by putting small paper flags on the top of each sail mast.

Turkey Centerpiece
Start by painting a paper cup brown. Once the paint has dried, sit it upside down and attach a brown pom-pom to the bottom of the cup for the head of the turkey. Using seasonal colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow, cut nine leaf shapes that can be used as feathers. Using red construction paper, cut a heart shape to make a wattle, and using yellow construction paper, cut a triangular beak. Glue the feathers onto the back of the cup in a fanned-out fashion and attach the beak and the wattle to the face. Add googly eyes to complete the turkey.

At Campbell Christian Schools, from our private early childhood elementary education program to our Christian junior high school, we offer a well-rounded, academically challenging curriculum to help our students of all ages thrive. Get more information about our private school in Campbell by calling (408) 370-4900.

Help Your Child Have Healthy School Year

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Now that school is in full swing, use the following tips to help ensure that your child has a healthy school year!

Schedule ear and eye screenings.
You do a lot to keep you child healthy and happy but sometimes, hearing or vision problems can go unnoticed and make it difficult for her to keep up in school. To make sure that she can hear her teachers and see her books and the blackboard well, schedule ear and eye tests before the beginning of the semester.

Head to bed earlier.
If you have an elementary school-aged child, ensuring that she gets plenty of sleep each night is an important part of helping her have a healthy school year. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep at this age is essential for children to stay healthy and be able to do their best in school. If your child is in elementary school, she should be getting 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. To help ensure this, try to adjust your family’s schedule so that meals and activities wind down earlier starting a few weeks before the first day of school.

Allow time for breakfast.
If your child’s school offers healthy lunch options or if you plan to pack her meals and snacks, then she’s already off to a good start when it comes to eating well throughout the year. However, eating a nutritious breakfast is at least as important as having healthy lunch options. To help keep mornings stress-free and to ensure that your family has the time for a healthy breakfast, set your alarm early enough to sit down and enjoy a meal together before heading out the door.

If you’re interested in providing your child with a private education at a Christian school, then look no further than Campbell Christian Schools in Campbell. To learn about our Christian elementary school admissions or to schedule a tour, please call us today at (408) 370-4900.

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