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A Look at Emotional Development in Preschoolers

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It’s truly a delight to witness the transformation of a child from infant to toddler, although the process does certainly have its challenges. It can be helpful for parents to learn more about the emotional development of young children to understand why they act the way they do and how parents can support them with the help of a private early childhood education program.

Emotional Experiences

By the age of three or four, your preschooler will have already begun to develop his or her own personality and self-identity. Preschoolers might begin to understand their emotions, but this doesn’t mean that they are capable of regulating them yet. You can expect your preschooler to feel emotions very strongly and to act upon those feelings by displaying extremes of behavior, such as temper tantrums or hysterical laughter.

It may take another year or two before your preschooler will begin to understand that there is a connection between his or her behavior and its undesirable effect. Consistent parenting is crucial during this developmental stage. Your child will eventually learn that if he or she throws a temper tantrum, a negative consequence will occur.

Conflict Resolution
Three-year-olds and four-year-olds do not yet possess effective and appropriate conflict resolution skills. When they become frustrated, they may readily resort to pushing or biting others, or throwing objects. This behavior can be very challenging for parents. It’s important to understand that aggressive behavior doesn’t indicate that a child is mean, but rather that he or she simply doesn’t know how to resolve conflicts appropriately. Parents and private early childhood education providers can help youngsters learn the difference between right and wrong interactions.

At about the age of four, children start to develop empathy. Like conflict resolution, empathy is a skill that must be taught from a young age. With your guidance, your preschooler will learn that everyone has feelings and that they can comfort people who feel sad.

Campbell Christian Schools provides nurturing preschool programs for children ages two through five, after which they may enroll in our private elementary school in Campbell. Parents can rest assured that their children are being cared for within a safe, family-like setting that establishes a foundation for Christian education. Call (408) 370-4900 to inquire about available openings in our programs.

How Participating in Athletics Can Benefit Junior High Students

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A high-quality, private education offers students more than just solid academics. It should also include athletic opportunities. Private junior high school students who participate in school sports have been known to achieve greater academic heights thanks to the lessons they learn on the playing field. These students learn the value of teamwork and cooperation. They learn how key conflict resolution skills as they work to achieve a goal as a team.

Private junior high school students are not immune to the pressures of this sensitive age group. During this stage in life, self-confidence is especially crucial. Participating in athletic programs allows students to enjoy the self-confidence that comes from working hard to reach a goal.

Here at Campbell Christian Schools, we firmly believe in the value of educating the whole student-body, mind, and spirit. If you have questions about our athletic programs, you can call our private school in Campbell at (408) 370-4900.

Educational Gift Ideas for Children

Educational gift ideas for children are no longer comprised solely of flashcards and magnetic alphabets. There are plenty of thoughtfully designed toys that teach essential lessons in fun ways. Watch this video to get some great ideas for encouraging learning beyond your child’s private school.

For younger children, this video recommends the Doc McStuffins Check Up Center, which encourages girls to become interested in science and offers also the traditional element of pretend play. For older kids, there are plenty of robot kits available that guide them in designing, coding, and controlling their own robotic toys.

Give your child the benefits of a faith-based, private education in Campbell by applying for admission at Campbell Christian Schools. Call (408) 370-4900 to inquire about our private early childhood education program or other Christian education programs.

What You Can Do to Help Your Elementary School Student Succeed

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From kindergarten through fifth grade, students learn the building blocks for later success in middle school, high school, and beyond. If you have enrolled your child in a private elementary school, then you’ve already taken an important step toward giving him or her the best possible start in life. Beyond the classroom, there are plenty of other ways you can support your young learner.

Parental Involvement
One of the most impactful methods for nurturing student success is to get involved at your child’s private elementary school. Ongoing parental involvement demonstrates to your child that you consider education to be a top priority. There are plenty of ways to become an active member of the school community. Start by attending Open House evenings and parent-teacher conferences. Volunteer to work on fundraisers or to be a classroom helper. Another essential form of parental involvement is encouraging your student to have frequent conversations with you about what he or she is currently learning.

Consistent Expectations
Children need consistency and structure to thrive. At the beginning of each school year, inform your child of your academic expectations for him or her. Provide reminders throughout the school year as needed. For example, you could get your child into the habit of getting homework done right away after school before free play time is allowed.

Effective Organization
In elementary school, students are just beginning to learn the basics of organization. Get your child off to a great start by showing him or her how to effectively use day planners, wall calendars, to-do lists, and other organizational tools. Your student may also need separate folders for completed homework and assignments that have yet to be finished. Every student needs a designated study space within the home.

When you enroll your child in a private elementary school near Campbell, you’re giving him or her access to the resources that support lifelong success. Campbell Christian Schools has a time-honored tradition of educating the next generation of leaders with our faith-based curriculum. If you feel that a Christian education is right for your child, call us today at (408) 370-4900.

Fostering Creativity in Young Students

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Creativity is a free form of self-expression that can be incredibly fulfilling for children. Are you looking for ways to inspire creativity in your child? Although her private school can do a lot to develop this skill through her academics, parents should use the following tips to help foster creativity in their children.

Understand the importance of creativity.
Some parents assume that creativity is something that children are born with and that if their child doesn’t show it in an obvious way, that creativity isn’t one of their talents. Fortunately, creativity can be thought of as a skill rather than a talent, meaning that it can be developed and encouraged. Because creativity can play a significant role in your child’s overall and ongoing happiness, health, and success, it’s an incredibly valuable skill to have. Luckily, there are steps that parents can take to help foster creativity in their children.

Support the process and not the outcome.
A common mistake that parents make when trying to promote the creative skills of their children is to put too much focus on the result, rather than the process of getting there. During any creative activity, the goal should be for your child to have fun and feel free to express herself as she wishes.

Encourage your child’s autonomy.
One of the most important things for parents to remember when trying to support the creative nature of their child is to take a step back. Allow your child the chance to explore her ideas and to do what she wants. Also, let your child disagree with you and encourage her to look for more than one way to solve problems. Finally, do not offer rewards when it comes to creativity because incentives can interfere with the creative process.

Are you looking for a caring Christian school in Campbell? If so, then look no further than Campbell Christian Schools. We are dedicated to providing our students with a Christian education and the ability to think creatively. To learn more about our private school programs, including Christian early childhood school programs, please give us a call at (408) 370-4900.

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