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Campbell Christian Schools is dedicated to providing a rigorous academic program, wide variety of enrichment activities and spiritual growth

Afterschool Activities for Schoolchildren

Afterschool activities keep children occupied in the hours between school and when their parents finish working. They also give kids the opportunity to work on a special talent or explore a particular interest. This video explains more about the benefits of afterschool activities.

In addition to giving schoolchildren more chances to strengthen their peer bonds, afterschool activities also help keep kids on a good path. Studies indicate that students who are involved in afterschool activities perform better academically and are less likely to do drugs.

At Campbell Christian Schools, we offer several afterschool programs, ranging from athletics to foreign language and chess clubs. These activities are just one more way our private school in Campbell encourages students to build well-rounded lives. Learn more about the curriculum at our Christian school by calling (408) 370-4900.

The Benefits of a Christian Education

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Students in Christian schools reap a long list of benefits in the classroom and throughout life. The foundation laid in Christian schools helps students grow into productive adults with Christ-centered lives of service. At Campbell Christian Schools, we work hard to ensure all of our students have every opportunity to tap into all of the advantages of a Christian education. Here are just a few of the rewards your child will receive when you send him or her to a Christian school.

Values-Based Lessons

In public schools, teachers aren’t allowed to use religion as the foundation for any lesson plans or disciplinary actions. The opposite is true in Christian schools. Every lesson in every subject is rooted in the Bible, and teachers and administrators rely on Christian teachings when setting standards for behavior. The ethics and morals you teach at home are reinforced in a Christian school, rather than challenged as they may be in other educational settings.

Spiritual Growth

Academics are important in Christian schools. In fact, students from Christian schools tend to perform better on standardized tests than their public school peers. However, another kind of education also takes place in Christian schools. Students are taught how to form personal relationships with Jesus. They also learn about the importance of service and sharing their Christian beliefs, which are both skills that will be useful to them well into adulthood.

Small Class Sizes

Christian schools almost always have smaller class sizes than their public school counterparts. There are many advantages to having a low teacher-pupil ratio. Being in a small group lets students develop meaningful relationships with each other and their teacher. It also lets the teacher be more proactive in managing behavior issues. Allowing the teacher time for individualized attention can also help each child academically.

Ensure your child gets every advantage possible from his or her education, and choose Campbell Christian Schools. Our private school offers programs from early childhood to junior high. Find out more about our Christian school by calling (408) 370-4900.


Special Guest at CCS

Today we had special guest visit us. Emmy award winner Mark Kistler came and gave our students a presentation on 3-D drawing. he drew his animations step-by-step and projected his work on the screen while students were able to follow along on their own papers. The students really had a great time learning from Mark.

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