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Supporting Your Child's Mathematical Achievements

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All too often, children develop a wary attitude about math and find the prospect of entering math classes intimidating. Fortunately, your child doesn’t have to be one that fears math. You can help your child feel confident about tackling math, whether he or she is learning numbers for the first time in the private elementary school classroom or taking his or her first pre-algebra class in his or her private junior high school. Make sure math remains a positive for your child with these tips.

Offer Praise
Many kids get the attitude that they are not good at math from a young age. You can help your child be more confident by praising him or her for putting math skills into action. For instance, your child may not realize that he or she is using math when talking about the stats of a favorite sports team or when measuring things to bake brownies. Praise these everyday math skills so your child recognizes that he or she uses his or her knowledge more often than he or she thinks.

Encourage Practice
Opportunities for math are all around you every day, so use them to help your child practice. Get your young child to count stoplights on the way home, or ask an older child to calculate the tip in a restaurant or a discount in a store. The more your child practices math and puts it to use, the more confident he or she will feel in the classroom.

Hire a Tutor
Often, children who struggle in math at school simply need some one-on-one instruction with a different approach. Even if you understand your child’s math lessons, it’s usually better to have an outside person offer additional instruction. A tutor can help your child with the classes he or she is in now and review basic concepts that form the foundation of math skills.

Campbell Christian Schools offers small class sizes and extensive academic support for students in our private school in Campbell. When you’re looking for Christian education in a private elementary school or private junior high school, make an appointment to tour our campus and to find out more about our curriculum. To get started, contact us today at (408) 370-4900.

Spotlight on Our Artists and Authors After School Program

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Campbell Christian Schools is pleased to introduce our private school students to a wide variety of enrichment programming, including our Artists and Authors after school program. This academic club welcomes students who are interested in creative writing and other art forms. It’s also an opportunity for struggling writers to get the extra help they need to excel.

A maximum of 20 students in our private elementary school can enroll in the Artists and Authors program in any given school year. Throughout this four-month program, students will enjoy writing games, poetry, seasonal assignments, and opportunities for individual, partner, and group projects. At the conclusion of the program, students can celebrate their Christian education with a Publishing Party and bring home their portfolios.

This academic club is just one of the many exciting opportunities available to our private school students in Campbell. For information about enrolling your elementary-age child in Campbell Christian Schools, call our office at (408) 370-4900.

What Parents Should Know About the CCS Preschool Program

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Every child deserves a head start in life with a high-quality preschool program. Campbell Christian Schools fulfills this critical need by offering private early childhood education that reinforces Christian values and teaches preschoolers how to be resilient and compassionate young learners. As your child approaches his or her second birthday, consider exploring the possibilities in our Early Childhood Center Preschool.

Age Groups

Our private early childhood education programs are open to children ages two to five. Two-year olds who are currently potty training may gain admission to our Transitional program, while those who are potty trained are welcome in our Early Preschool Program. Middle Preschool is intended for children three years of age and Pre-Kindergarten is designated for children ages four to five.

In accordance with the latest educational research, we firmly believe in the importance of letting children access hands-on learning activities that encourage active participation and child-initiated learning experiences. Our preschool teachers administer a Modified HighScope Curriculum that guides children in developing curiosity, self-confidence, independence, divergent thinking, and personal responsibility.

Enrichment Programs
Preschoolers at Campbell Christian Schools enjoy arts and craft activities every day to stimulate their creative expression and support self-confidence. Our certified music instructor introduces preschoolers to the basics of music competency. Preschoolers perform for their families in two to three stage performances each school year, including our annual Christmas Concert. Once per week, pre-k students receive computer instruction, physical education, and library opportunities.

Parents who would like to begin the admissions process are encouraged to contact our private school as early as possible. Applications are typically available in December for the following school year, which runs from late August to early June. Before applying, families are encouraged to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.

If you’re interested in more details about our private early childhood education program in Campbell, you can contact a staff member at (408) 370-4900. Campbell Christian Schools is also pleased to provide high-quality private education for elementary and junior high school students. Our dedicated educators strive to help our students affirm their faith as they learn about the world around them.

The Advantages of Teaching Junior High Students Basic Programming

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Technology is virtually omnipresent in modern life. In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential that students learn basic technology skills at an early age. If your child’s private junior high school offers electives in basic programming, consider encouraging him or her to take advantage of these opportunities.

Programming classes open the doors to advanced opportunities.
One of the most compelling reasons for junior high school students to take programming electives is to pave the way for a future career in the tech industry. The demand for software engineers, systems analysts, and other highly skilled workers is expected to continue to climb as the world becomes ever more digitized. Furthermore, a technical education can allow former students to find a job virtually anywhere in the world. They may choose to put their skills to good use at a healthcare provider’s office, charitable organization, or practically any other type of employer.

Programming classes nurture critical thinking and reasoning skills.
Even if a junior high student’s future does not include a career that requires programming knowledge, having this basic knowledge will still serve him or her well during his or her lifetime. This is because basic programming classes teach young learners how to think logically and critically. Junior high students fine-tune their problem-solving skills during technology classes. These classes even support a student’s capacity to work well individually and in small groups.

Programming skills can stimulate civic responsibility.
Civic responsibility is one of the cornerstones of Christian education and programming skills open new doors for individuals to help others. For example, according to Mother Jones magazine , a group of software engineers arrived in Boston in 2011 to participate in a public service program. While there, they were stranded in blizzard-like conditions and noticed that firefighters wasted precious minutes digging out fire hydrants each winter. The group felt compelled to put their skills to good use building a website that connects Boston residents with their own “adopted” hydrant that they volunteer to dig out each snowstorm.

When you enroll your child in Campbell Christian Schools, he or she will receive a high-quality Christian education that prepares him or her for a successful career in today’s digital era. Our Christian junior high school serving Campbell offers several technology electives, including basic programming and digital media. Parents can request more information by calling our private school at (408) 370-4900.

Keep Kids Busy with This Holiday Craft Project

After the holidays, your family probably has plenty of gift boxes and leftover wrapping paper. You can use these items for a craft project that will keep your young children busy until it’s time to return to their private school. Watch this video to learn how to turn everyday items into a “village.”

This expert demonstrates how to wrap gift boxes, cartons, and other items in plain paper and then decorate them so that they look like buildings. Your children can then arrange the buildings in a village. They may choose to glue the buildings onto a cardboard base or leave them loose to play with.

Campbell Christian Schools provides a structured curriculum that includes enrichment programs to further the Christian education of students in Campbell. Parents who are interested in pursuing Christian education for their children may contact our private school at (408) 370-4900.

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