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Campbell Christian Schools is dedicated to providing a rigorous academic program, wide variety of enrichment activities and spiritual growth

Focus on Our Learning Results

At Campbell Christian Schools, our exceptional educators work closely with each child to achieve positive outcomes across five main areas of achievement. Our first learning result involves Christ-centered spirituality. By introducing our private school students to Biblical truths through daily worship, prayer, and community oriented acts of kindness, they will develop closeness with Christ. Another learning result focuses on the development of each student’s character. Our students learn the value of cooperation, respect, and community involvement.

Our private schools lay the foundation for lifelong learning, giving our students the tools they need to nurture their intellect. Our students are expected to self-direct their work, and to work both collaboratively and independently. Our final two learning results are communication and fitness. Students at Campbell Christian Schools grow in self-confidence with their abilities to communicate effectively in all mediums. They also learn to develop healthy habits to care for their physical wellbeing.

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If you would like more information about the mission and values of Christian Campbell Schools, please call (408) 796-1618. Our private schools utilize a whole-child approach to education.

Tips for Getting Ready for a Parent-Teacher Conference

Education experts and private school teachers tend to agree that parent-teacher collaboration is essential for a child’s academic success. When parents are involved in a child’s private school education, that child typically develops a better understanding of the importance of lifelong learning. Parent-teacher conferences are an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about their child’s progress and to become more involved in the school community.

Teacher and parent meeting in school classroom

Consider Your Objectives
The teachers at your child’s private school must meet with a multitude of parents in a very limited amount of time. Preparing for the appointment by considering what you would like to get out of it can help you make the most of the limited time available. For example, while your child’s academic progress will be the focus of the meeting, you may also wish to gain a clearer understanding of how your child is fitting in socially in his or her private school. Or, you may wish to share information with the teacher that could be affecting your child’s classroom efforts. Another objective for a parent-teacher conference at a private school is to establish a means of regular communication with the teacher or to explore opportunities for volunteering in the classroom.

Interview Your Child
Encourage your child to become an active participant in his or her own private school education. Ahead of the conference, briefly interview your child regarding his or her concerns and questions. Ask your child specific questions about his or her academic progress and trouble areas.

Jot Down Notes
Write down the list of questions for the teacher. Place them in order from most important to least important. Similarly, organize any information you wish to share or concerns you wish to raise according to priority. Even if there isn’t enough time to get to all of your questions and concerns during the first meeting, you can at least cover the most important topics.

At Campbell Christian Schools, our educators and administrators are devoted to creating an ideal learning environment for our students. Our private school invites parents to become more involved in our school community by joining the Family Service Program (FSP), which connects teachers with parent volunteers. You can reach a friendly staff member at our faith-based private school by calling (408) 796-1618.


Ideas for Teaching Your Kids About Good Nutrition

When your youngsters head back to their private school this fall, arm them with the healthy nutrition they need to stay focused in school. You can empower your children by teaching them about the importance of eating healthy foods. Make it fun for your kids by taking a field trip to the farmer’s market and letting them bring home a sample of their favorite fruit or veggie. This can help encourage kids to expand their palates.

Watch this video to get more helpful tips on teaching your kids the value of good nutrition. This mom demonstrates how she makes nutrition education an activity the whole family can enjoy together. She explains how to play the “sugar game” with your kids and offers some age-appropriate tips for discussing the benefits of various nutrients.

Campbell Christian Schools—a faith-based private school—is dedicated to nurturing a firm foundation for each child’s lifelong success. Parents who are interested in learning more about our private school are encouraged to contact us at (408) 796-1618.

Helping Your Kids Beat Homework Challenges

Private schools provide a challenging, stimulating curriculum designed to help students reach their full potential. Sometimes, however, students need a little extra help to rise to the high standards set by their private schools. As a parent, one of the most effective ways you can help your child succeed is by maintaining open communication with his or her teachers. Your child’s teachers may offer some ideas on how to best help your student with homework.

Mother Helping Her Daughter While Studying

Identify Obstacles to Success
Every private school student has unique academic challenges. Before you can help your child overcome his or her obstacles, you must first identify them. As your child heads back to private school this fall, sit down with him or her and discuss issues that arose last year. For example, your child may have found that he or she was frequently distracted while doing homework last year. This year, set clear rules for homework time. For example, you might require that your child complete all homework assignments before chatting with friends. If your child struggles with the subject matter itself, he or she might make an effort to seek extra help from the teacher this year.

Establish a Homework Schedule
Students thrive with routines and structure. Help your child create a homework schedule. Kids often need a little time at the end of the school day to unwind. Give your child a set amount of time, such as 30 minutes, to have a healthy snack and relax before tackling homework assignments. However, it’s advisable to ban electronic devices during that time; otherwise, your child may find it difficult to focus on homework.

Regulate Parental Involvement
As your child grows older, it’s best to gradually minimize parental involvement in homework. While your child can always go to you for help, try to avoid directly leading him or her to the answers. Instead, ask your child open-ended questions to help him or her develop the solution independently.

To promote the achievement of each student, Campbell Christian Schools welcomes close collaboration among parents, teachers, and our administrative staff members. Our private school invites parents to become involved in our school community by joining the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). Future families who are interested in joining our private school community may call (408) 796-1618 for admissions information.

It's Time for Back to School!

Our teachers were treated to a fantastic  "Welcome Back Brunch" hosted by the CCS PTF.  Pictured from left to right are; Jordan Smith, Jason Hansen, Briana Headley, Christina Aronen, Annie Smith, Dustin Keirstead and Sunny Ahrens.  The entire staff of CCS is excited to welcome back our students for the first day of school!!  

Back to School

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