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A Look at Our Junior High's Introduction to Digital Media Course

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With technology growing at an exceptional rate, students require more education than ever to understand and excel. To that end, Campbell Christian Schools’ private junior high school includes an enrichment course about digital media. This course can teach students about the growing fields of digital photography and film, which will further their education of the technological world. Let’s take a closer look at Introduction to Digital Media.

After taking the Introduction to Technology course, students can learn about digital media. This course involves one or two semesters learning about digital photography and film. By learning about these areas of digital media, students can expand their creativity, communication skills, and understanding of technology. They will also have the opportunity to take pictures or film shorts of their own, which can help cultivate a love of digital media and art enrichment.

By receiving a private education with Campbell Christian Schools, junior high students will have access to various enrichment courses, including Introduction to Digital Media. Our private school offers courses for early childhood and up to our Christian junior high school. Please call us at (408) 370-4900 for more information about our private education near Campbell.

How Your Elementary School Student Can Benefit from Music Education

Private Christian School Campbell

Enrolling your child into a private elementary school is one of many steps toward giving him a proper education. Including music education in his daily schooling will further enhance his academic understanding, motor functioning, and various skills. Multiple independent studies have shown that music education is a great boon to elementary schools. Continue reading to see how your child will benefit with music incorporated in his private education.

It can develop greater language and reasoning skills.
Music education and training develops multiple areas of the brain, including those related to language and reasoning. By learning different words and terms associated with music, instruments, and singing, your child will have a better mastery of language and reasoning skills. Music education will also encourage pattern recognition, which can help your child to learn and understand multiple languages and other academic subjects.

It can increase motor function and coordination.
When learning any enrichment courses at a private elementary school, your child will increase his motor functions and coordination skills. For example, music education will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, which will allow him to read music without needing to look at his instrument. This type of motor function and coordination development will help in other private education courses, such as typing, science, and physical education.

It can develop pattern recognition and math skills.
Learning about music can equal a better understanding of mathematics, science, and pattern recognition. Playing music and learning how the notes connect is repetitious, which reinforces these skills. Because your child will enjoy learning and listening to music, this repetition may seem more fun and engaging than other academic tasks. By developing his mathematical and pattern recognition skills through music, your child may experience better test scores and academic improvement.

Work with the teachers and staff of Campbell Christian Schools to develop your child’s music education. At our Christian elementary school, your child will have access to the finest teachers and classes to achieve a higher understanding of music and other art forms. Please visit us online or call us at (408) 370-4900 to learn more about our private school serving Campbell.

Is Your Child Getting the Recommended Amount of Sleep?

Private School Campbell

Sleep is an important building block for infants and children. It can influence their private school education as well as developments and social skills. Read on to see how many hours each age group should receive to develop and function properly.

Infants and newborns need the most of sleep. As they grow older, the amount may lessen, but most infants will sleep between 14 and 15 hours in a day and night. Once older, infants will sleep through the night and soon establish a napping pattern throughout the day.

Toddlers need up to 14 hours of sleep, but they usually receive about 10 to 12 hours. As toddlers grow older, they will go from two naps—typically in the morning and afternoon—to one nap a day. Naps may extend from one to three hours long, but this will decrease as toddlers age.

Preschoolers and kindergartners are likely receiving private early childhood education, which means sleep is very important. Children these ages, usually ranging from three to six years old, should receive about 10 hours of sleep every night. Children may still require a nap during or after leaving their early childhood classroom environment, but they will soon grow out of taking naps.

Elementary Students
Children in elementary school range from seven to twelve years old. These children still require 10 or more hours of sleep every night, though with extracurricular activities and early school times, they may not receive enough sleep. Ensure that elementary-aged children receive enough sleep to take full advantage of their private education.

Junior High Students
Junior high students, who range from 12 to 15 years old, require about eight or nine hours of sleep. This is necessary to engage in their school, extracurricular activities, and maintain a social life.

Campbell Christian Schools educates children from four weeks old to private junior high school near Campbell. Trust us with supplying a beneficial private school education and experience by calling us at (408) 370-4900.

Tips for Traveling with Your Kids

Whether your kids have begun their private early childhood education or are well-established at their Christian junior high school, traveling can be stressful. However, there are many ways to make traveling with your kids easier and more enjoyable for all. Watch the attached video and continue reading below.

Use lightweight strollers and kids’ suitcases for easy transport. Keep your kids engaged with airplane and car-specific toys. You can also use fun travel games, educational electronics, and writing tablets to keep your kids’ minds engaged while traveling.

Learn more about private education and Christian schools with the help of Campbell Christian Schools at (408) 370-4900. We have programs for children from infancy to junior high, so we can deliver a comprehensive education to round out your fun family travels. Call us to enroll your kids today.

The Habits of a Strong Reader

If your private elementary or junior high school student is struggling with reading, he or she may simply need to focus on developing some new habits. Watch this video for tips from a teacher for building strong reading skills.

This video identifies seven things strong readers do that your private junior high school student could put into practice. For instance, visualizing what is happening in the story and making text-to-self connections are all part of building stronger reading habits.

Are looking for a Christian education with a strong academic focus for your child? If so, then Campbell Christian Schools could be the right private school for your child. Find out more about our Christian elementary school and junior high school in Campbell by calling (408) 370-4900.

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