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Helping 5th Graders Deal with Jr. High Jitters

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Is your child about to enjoy her last summer vacation before starting private junior high school? If so, then there is a good chance that she is feeling excited about this transition but a bit nervous, as well. Continue reading for tips on helping your 5 th grader deal with junior high jitters.

Research Her New School
When it comes to anxiety among future junior high students, much of it stems from concerns about navigating their new school and knowing what to expect there. For this reason, you can help ease your child’s fears by exploring the school website and taking a campus tour together.

Give Her Better Perspective
When preparing to begin junior high school, it’s common for kids to worry about saying the wrong thing and making a bad impression on their peers. Besides reminding her that these feelings are normal, speak with your child about how many of the other students in her class are going through the same process and experiencing anxieties that are similar to her own. Knowing that other students who will be transitioning to private junior high school are also feeling some trepidation about this big change can help put your child’s mind at ease.

Offer Her Planning Resources
Junior high school will present your student with more challenging assignments and deadlines than elementary school does, so providing her with strategies for staying on top of her schoolwork can help ease her jitters. Offering her time management advice, letting her pick out a calendar or day planner to use, and working together to create a weekly schedule that includes her studies and extracurricular activities can help her cope with any apprehension that she’s feeling and prepare her for junior high.

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