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Helping Kindergarteners Build Healthy Friendships

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As your child enters his private elementary school, he will develop new relationships with his classmates. You can help him build healthy friendships by teaching him about empathy and effective communication. Continue reading to see how to help your kindergartener build healthy friendships.

Practice Empathy
Help your child understand his own emotions and the emotions of his peers. Learning to distinguish his feelings from others’—and how to recognize his classmates’ feelings—can help him develop empathy. Developing empathy is important to building relationships because it helps children and adults understand how their words and actions impact how other people feel. If your child can understand how his classmates feel, then he is likelier to be kind and build healthy friendships.

Find a Hobby
Hobbies and common interests are important to building relationships. If your child shows an interest in a subject or hobby, such as playing a sport or collecting certain items, then he can find children his own age with the same interests. Analyze your child’s favorite activities and interests to find a local club at your private school or church.

Practice Apologizing
Apologizing to someone, and meaning it, is an important trait that every person should develop. Before your child attends his Christian elementary school, teach him about apologizing when he hurts or offends another person. If he can empathize with a situation, then he will understand how apologizing when he has done something wrong will build healthy relationships.

Model a Healthy Friendship
Your child will learn from you, so your friendships and relationships should show healthy interactions. If you do not show empathy or apologize, then your child may not practice these qualities. If you are not treated well in your relationships, then your child may believe this is an acceptable type of relationship. Show healthy friendships to help your child build healthy friendships.

In addition to a comprehensive Christian education, Campbell Christian Schools will help you teach your child about strong and healthy friendships. Our private school serving Campbell is here to produce educated and Christian-minded students. Please call us at (408) 370-4900 to learn more.

Exploring the Advantages of Christian Elementary Education

Christian School Campbell

Are you considering your options for your child’s private elementary school education? If so, then please read on to learn about the many advantages of a Christian education for elementary schoolers.

Textbook Material
When selecting a school for their child, common concerns among parents involve what material he will be taught. To remedy this, many Christian parents opt to place their child in a Christian school that does not teach objectionable material. As a parent, choosing an educational program that is in line with your preferences regarding education offers you a distinct advantage.

Positive Influences
By enrolling your child in a Christian school, you can benefit from knowing that he is likely to be surrounded by many positive peer influences. At a Christian school, your child will have the chance to befriend many other kids that share his and your family’s moral and religious principles.

Spiritual Nurturing
If you’re concerned that your child’s education is not comprehensive, then having him attend a Christian school may offer you a solution. You will find that many of these schools focus on providing students with a strong spiritual foundation, in addition to an intellectual one.

Bible Education
Have you found yourself wishing that your child had more access to Bible education? If so, then you have an excellent reason to consider a Christian school for your elementary schooler. In this type of educational setting, your child will not be taught concepts that contradict scripture. Instead, he will be educated in material that is included in scripture, providing him with better access to Bible education.

Character Establishment
In a Christian school environment, your child can be regularly exposed to influences that build character and teach him good values. Furthermore, Christian schools generally hold a higher standard of conduct when it comes to behavior and self-discipline, which can help foster characteristics that may benefit your child throughout his life.

Campbell Christian Schools offer private elementary school near Campbell. If you’d like information about our Christian school’s elementary education program, then please call (408) 370-4900.

Helping 5th Graders Deal with Jr. High Jitters

Private School Campbell

Is your child about to enjoy her last summer vacation before starting private junior high school? If so, then there is a good chance that she is feeling excited about this transition but a bit nervous, as well. Continue reading for tips on helping your 5 th grader deal with junior high jitters.

Research Her New School
When it comes to anxiety among future junior high students, much of it stems from concerns about navigating their new school and knowing what to expect there. For this reason, you can help ease your child’s fears by exploring the school website and taking a campus tour together.

Give Her Better Perspective
When preparing to begin junior high school, it’s common for kids to worry about saying the wrong thing and making a bad impression on their peers. Besides reminding her that these feelings are normal, speak with your child about how many of the other students in her class are going through the same process and experiencing anxieties that are similar to her own. Knowing that other students who will be transitioning to private junior high school are also feeling some trepidation about this big change can help put your child’s mind at ease.

Offer Her Planning Resources
Junior high school will present your student with more challenging assignments and deadlines than elementary school does, so providing her with strategies for staying on top of her schoolwork can help ease her jitters. Offering her time management advice, letting her pick out a calendar or day planner to use, and working together to create a weekly schedule that includes her studies and extracurricular activities can help her cope with any apprehension that she’s feeling and prepare her for junior high.

At our Christian junior high school that offers private education near Campbell, Campbell Christian Schools is sensitive to the talents and needs of middle school-aged students. If you’d like to learn more, then please give us a call today at (408) 370-4900.

What Are the Benefits of After-School Programs?

Are you searching for ways to keep your child occupied after school? If so, then you have a great reason to consider the after-school activities offered by her private school. Watch this video to learn how programs like these can benefit kids.

Research is showing that the more time that children spend at school, the better. This is because spending more time in school presents kids with increased enrichment opportunities and more structure. Also, participating in after-school programs can help keep students out of trouble after their classes are over for the day.

Campbell Christian Schools is a private school that offers Christian education, a variety of after-school enrichment activities, and before and after-school care services for students. To find out more about the after-school programs provided by our Christian school in Campbell, please call (408) 370-4900.

Packing a Lunch for a Picky Eater

Christian School Campbell

Are you having trouble packing lunches that your private school student enjoys? If so, then you are facing a problem that isn’t uncommon among parents. Luckily, there are a number of solutions for you to consider. Try these lunch ideas to help keep your child healthy and nourished during his private early childhood education:

Main dishes: chicken nuggets, mini burgers, pasta and his choice of sauce, quesadillas, breakfast for lunch, turkey and cheese wraps, fruit and cheese skewers, or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Side dishes: dry cereal, applesauce, pretzels, veggie straws, hummus and pita, yogurt, whole grain crackers, nut mixes, his favorite fruit, string cheese, veggie sticks and dip, or popcorn.

At Campbell Christian Schools, our mission is to encourage a love of learning and foster strong intellectual, social, and spiritual foundations in our students. For information about the private education programs offered at our Christian school in Campbell, you can reach us at (408) 370-4900.

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